Digital Marketing Apprenticeships

Digital Marketing Apprenticeships

With the average person in the UK now spending more time on digital media than they do sleeping, the opportunity to maximise business growth through digital channels has never been stronger or more relevant. Having a digital marketing resource is critical for most organisations.

Digital marketing, search engine optimisation, content marketing, and social media marketing are terms used these days that relate to how we deal with the promotion of brands, products and services using electronic devices or the internet. If we go back 25 years or so, this concept was relatively unheard of and slightly alien. And back then, who honestly knew that something like a phone would become so useful, necessary – essential in fact……?!

Devices such as PCs, laptops, and mobile phones are being used alongside other digital media and platforms nowadays to easily, seamlessly and really effectively promote and sell products and services – pretty much at the click of a button. Indeed, the use of technology in this way has pretty much become the norm now and has completely transformed the ways that most brands and businesses work when it comes to marketing.

Text messaging, instant messaging, video, apps, games, podcasts, electronic billboards, digital television and radio channels all make marketing (and therefore, selling) possible and very easy.

Furthermore, because of the array of channels and technologies available now, organisations are using this approach to their absolute benefit through being able to analyse data and trends to better understand what consumers like, what our preferences are, what works for them and what does not. And when it comes to creating campaigns and developing amazing, interesting, targeted content and strategies – it can all be done in real-time.

Our programmes help people efficiently use a variety of online and offline marketing tools and systems specifically designed to deliver digital and social media marketing campaigns. So, for anyone who wants to develop their expertise in building and implementing digital campaigns to attract new customers (and of course also to build customer loyalty and retention), this would be an ideal way to do it. 

As well as the basics of website development, SEO and SEM, our digital marketer apprenticeships include how to –

The relentless and continuing changes in the way we work, especially the unprecedented growth of hybrid and virtual working has created a growing need for IT support specialists who efficiently manage networks, control access to data and provide in-person or remote support including – 

To contextualise this, organisations everywhere collect, process, use and store unparalleled amounts of data on computers and other devices and substantial amounts of that data can often be sensitive information – so unauthorised or illegal access to any of it could have potentially massive consequences.

Many organisations now see cyber security as THE main priority for their business but despite more recent (and huge) investment in security controls, cyber attacks keep happening.

And as the sophistication and complexity of cyber attacks continues to grow, we need to remain vigilant at protecting against illegal access to the vast amounts of personal information we store on our devices and online; the need to protect our systems and our data from attack has never been more crucial. 

We can help to give your people the skills necessary to detect, deal with and minimise the risk of cyber attack and our programmes are relevant to all businesses – regardless of type, size or sector. 

As standard (along with our super-duper goodies), our programs offer – 

Our approach usually includes project work so that learning can be directly transferred into the workplace, while feedback and support can be provided in real-time too. We encourage this as, from experience, we know how well it works!

We also offer you things like a full reporting suite, regular communication with a Programme Director and various virtual learning platforms because these little things matter in generating the changes you need from your people all across the UK. Contact Bragd today to find out more.