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We are nationwide apprenticeship specialists. We help clients navigate through the mysterious world of apprenticeships and use different funding streams to help companies develop their staff in an intelligent way - wherever they are in the UK.

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We understand funding

It’s a minefield! We help you understand and maximise apprenticeship funding streams so whether you are a levy payer or not, your people are trained in the most cost- effective way.

We understand business

Our programmes support the achievement of strategic objectives and help future-proof your business. We do what we say - no BS, no ridiculous sales pitch, just real-world effective programmes.

We put our learners first

We use coaching, mentoring, e-learning & virtual workshops to give learners the skills & confidence they need in an interactive and engaging way. It’s not just about sticking a few bits of learning online.

We are nice, friendly people

We’re not about tick boxes, pound signs or numbers. Our dedicated mentors provide advice and encouragement & are there to help each apprentice. We are much more than a training provider.

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Our Approach

Insight Action Results

Our model is at the heart of how Bragd work. Tried and tested after many years’ experience in the business consulting world, our ignition model is embedded in our DNA. From insight we get clear actions and from the right actions, we deliver real bottom line results.

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Our Approach

INSIGHT Action Results

Our insights deliver a clear picture of what you want to achieve and the best way to help you get there. We help our clients successfully navigate through the mysterious world of apprenticeships and provide a wide range of advice and guidance to ensure we set a solid foundation for every project and every apprenticeship.

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Our Approach

Insight ACTION Results

Following on from our insight, we start work on developing, designing and planning cost-effective apprenticeship programmes that work – wherever you are in the UK. We then use a 10:20:70 model to deliver outstanding apprenticeship solutions that creates skilled and talented people who flourish in the real world.

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Our Approach

Insight Action RESULTS

Driven by our passion for making a genuine difference to people and the companies they work for, our apprenticeship programmes always deliver clear and definite results. With a focused sustainability plan in place, we ensure we have delivered measurable and sustainable change into your organisation.

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the art of Apprenticeships


Our ‘can do’ attitude, dynamic delivery and flexible, professional touch sets us apart from most other apprenticeship providers. We help you cut through the noise, identifying and maximising the various funding streams so that you and your people get the best experience throughout the apprenticeship journey.

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