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With the lockdown extended, most managers and leaders have rolled their sleeves up and jumped into the deep end to deal with day to day, immediate business needs.  With all hands to the pump, it is easy to understand why so many people aren’t thinking about the future, but for companies to survive, decision makers need to have ‘bi-focal’ vision. They need to keep one eye on the ‘here and now’ and one eye firmly focused on the future.

Asking questions like “What will the future hold?”, “What people will I need to ensure we can succeed when restrictions are reduced?”, “How do I keep my teams motivated and engaged in the midst of a very stressful periodic our lives?” are all critical questions that we should all be asking.

There is of course no single answer to these questions, but bi-focal vision is critical, focussing on developing competitive advantage is critical and keeping engaged and enthusiastic teams is also critical.

We can’t solve all those issues, but we can help. At Bragd, all our Apprenticeships are designed and delivered using a blended learning approach; especially important to improve employee engagement and future productivity during the coronavirus crisis. We use coaching, mentoring, e-learning & virtual workshops to give your teams the skills & confidence they need in an effective, progressive and individual way. It’s not about sticking a few bits of learning online, it’s about real-word effective apprenticeship programmes that work.

In a recent article in HR News, Dr Paul McLaren, consultant psychiatrist at Priory’s Wellbeing Centres in central London said,

“It can be difficult to keep motivated and remain optimistic in these uncertain times – especially for those who have found themselves ‘put out’ to furlough, often without any warning or consultation. For many this unprecedented and enforced paid time from work can cause feelings of anxiety as they struggle with the lack of structure to their day and a reduced salary. For those where employers are not in a position to ‘top up’ the remaining 20%, the financial worries and fears for the future are starting to mount up.”
Dr Paul McLare
Consultant psychiatrist at Priory’s Wellbeing Centres in central London

If you have furloughed staff or people who are working from home at reduced capacity; now is a good time to rekindle their enthusiasm and improve their skills for when business picks up. HMRC have confirmed that both employed and furloughed employees can complete apprenticeship training.

Personal growth and training opportunities are proven to motivate teams (often more than a pay-rise). So, this is an opportunity to upskill your team, improve employee engagement all for no additional cost. 

Bragd are nationwide apprenticeship specialists. We help clients navigate through the mysterious world of apprenticeships and focus on using different funding streams to help companies develop their staff in a really cost-effective, unified way – wherever they are in the UK. From management to IT, cyber security & digital marketing, from human resources to busines administration and logistics, we have you covered.  To find out more about ow we may be able to help you, or to book a free, no-obligation consultation, contact us today.

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