As we start another week in lockdown, most managers and leaders have already rolled their sleeves up and jumped into the deep end to deal with day to day, immediate business needs. With all hands to the pump, it is easy to understand why so many leaders aren’t thinking about how they will deal with the future. For companies to survive, decision makers need to have ‘bi-focal’ vision. They need to keep one eye on the ‘here and now’ and one eye firmly focused on the future. The risk is to know when to look down and deal with what is right in front of you, and when to look up and forward and take a peek into how you build the future.

It may be tough to see it right now, but the coronavirus pandemic will end, companies will re-open, and people will go back to work. The job of business leaders is to plan for the future – however difficult that may be. No doubt many family’s lives will have been changed inextricably by COVID 19, but leaders have to give all families hope for the future – we will get through this.

Asking questions like “How can I create a sustainable future for this business?”, “What people and what skills are going to be needed to ensure we can succeed when restrictions are reduced?”, “How do I keep my teams motivated and engaged in the midst of a very stressful period in our lives?” are all critical questions that we should all be asking.

There is, of course, no single answer to these questions, but taking a conscious choice to use bi-focal vision and plan for the future is so very important, focussing on developing people-based competitive advantage is more than sensible, and keeping engaged and enthusiastic teams is critical if we want to come out of the other side of this pandemic in the best possible position.

At Bragd we can’t solve all those issues, but we can help. We offer virtual training courses that can be funded by your Apprenticeship Levy contributions. This means that at no extra cost, companies can improve staff morale and engagement even during the coronavirus crisis.

Even if you have furloughed staff or people who are working from home at reduced capacity; HMRC have confirmed that both employed and furloughed employees can complete apprenticeship training, so now is a good time to improve their skills for when business picks up.

All courses are online and are available 24/7 on any internet browser so your team can access top quality training at any time that suits them and the business. Subjects include:
• Team Lead Supervisor
• Operations/Department Manager
• Business Administrator
• Infrastructure Technician
• Network Engineer
• Cyber Security Technologist.

Personal growth and training opportunities are proven to motivate teams (often more than a pay-rise). So, this is an opportunity to upskill your team, improve employee engagement all for no additional cost. If you would you like a brief telephone call to explore how Bragd can help you get the most out of your digital fund, please reach out to Jason, Simon or David.
01173 258 676
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