You know you’re in a safe pair of hands with our experts at Bragd. Our skilled team of trainers and consultants are led by a highly experienced management team. Meet them here.

Pam Stirling


Pam Stirling, Director, co-founded the company in 2003. Having spent over 15 years in corporate leadership environments, today she heads up the strategic and operational management of Bragd. Pam works creatively with our clients to help us understand organisational issues and develop and implement effective learning and development solutions.

She loves Tom O’Dell but hates parsnips.

Jason Rudgley


Jason Rudgley is our learning and organisational development specialist. As a bit of a tech’, he also heads up our training and product development team. He is the main point of contact for clients that want help and advice on how to maximise the benefits from apprenticeship programmes and virtual learning.

He loves time in the mountains and hates romcoms.

Jayne Nugent

Business Support Manager

Jayne Nugent, Business Support Manager, joined Bragd in 2012 with the advantage of a background in HR management. She oversees the efficient running of our business support operations including looking after all our compliance and quality functions, ensuring all our systems and processes run well. Essentially, she keeps us all on track.

She loves spa days but hates horror films.

Bill Crighton

Assessor and Verifier

Bill Crighton, Assessor and Verifier, benefits from an extensive background in operational management, IT, digital marketing and web development. A highly-motivated and charismatic team player, Bill thrives in our busy environment and works hard to ensure that everyone has everything they need to be able to perform at their best. 

He loves family time but hates Spiderman.
Gilli Rhys

Caroline Rhys

Trainer and Assessor

Caroline ‘Gilli’ Rhys, Trainer and Assessor, has one of the most impressive IT and cyber security backgrounds around. With a career including roles as an ethical hacker, cyber security consultant and Head of IT, she heads up our ‘tech training team and also looks after our own in-house networks.

Caroline loves Freddie Mercury but can’t stand eggs.

Simon Berry

Trainer, Assessor and Verifier

Simon Berry looks after our English apprenticeship programmes. Starting his career as a network engineer, he has a extensive background in IT and management. After working for several training providers in different parts of the UK, a career in digital solutions with City and Guilds led him to work with Bragd.

He loves football but hates vegetables.