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Bragd are delighted to be an approved ELCAS training provider, offering arrange of ELCAS funded
training courses in 5 key areas including:


What is ELCAS Funding?

The Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service (ELCAS) scheme is in place to promote lifelong learning amongst members of the Armed Forces. Under the scheme, members of the military can receive financial support to contribute towards their higher level learning.

Not only do Bragd provide ELCAS funded courses, we are also proactive and proud supporters of the armed forces more generally. We work hard to promote opportunities for ex-services personnel and their families both directly in our business, but also through our network of clients who are often recruiting talented individuals to join their companies.

We have demonstrated this commitment by signing the Armed Forces Covenant.

Pictured: Jason Rudgley FCMI (Bragd), Lt Col Hugo Clark (Edinburgh Garrison Commander).

To find out more about the ELCAS funding and how to apply, please read our article on ELCAS funded qualifications.

Our full list of ELCAS approved courses is found below. To enquire about any of the courses, please either contact us using the form below or call 01173 258 676.

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Digital & IT

Programme Reference Fees AB
Level 3 Award in Business Processes 9628-10 £495 C&G
Level 3 Award in Cloud Services 9628-08 £495 C&G
Level 3 Award in Coding and Logic 9628-09 £495 C&G
Level 3 Award in Mobile and Operating Systems 9628-07 £495 C&G
Level 3 Certificate in Networking and Architecture 9628-06 £695 C&G
Level 4 Diploma in Network Principles 9628-03 £995 C&G
Level 4 Diploma in Network Security 9628-05 £995 C&G
Level 4 Diploma in Network Systems and Architecture 9628-04 £995 C&G

Cyber Security

Level 4 Certificate in Cyber Security Introduction3660-01£795C&G
Level 4 Award in Risk Assessment in Cyber Security3660-06£695C&G
Level 4 Award in Security Case Development and Design Good Practice3660-03£695C&G
Level 4 Award Security Technology Building Blocks3660-04£695C&G
Level 4 Certificate Employment of Cryptography3660-05£795C&G
Level 4 Certificate in Governance, Law, Regulations and Standards in Cyber Security3660-07£795C&G
Level 4 Certificate in Network and Digital Communications Theory3660-02£795C&G

Digital Marketing

Level 3 Award in the Principles of Coding9628-11£495C&G
Level 3 Certificate in the Principles of Online and Offline Marketing9628-12£695C&G

Management and Leadership

Level 3 Diploma for Managers8410-01£2,495ILM
Level 5 Diploma for Leaders and Managers8420-01£3,495ILM

Business Services

Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration9628-11£2,495C&G
CIEH Intermediate Occupational Health and Safety Certificate9628-12£495CIEH