Cyber Security Apprenticeships

Cyber Security Apprenticeships

Cyber security is one of the most significant issues we are faced with in business today, with a current estimated cost of ‘cybercrime’ to the UK economy of approximately £27bn annually.

Even as early as 2010, the National Security Council Strategy highlighted attacks on computer networks as among the biggest emerging security threats to the UK, along with international terrorism and international military crises. Consequently, cyber security now surely must be considered as a business survival issue for every company in every sector. 

To contextualise this, organisations everywhere collect, process, use and store unparalleled amounts of data on computers and other devices and substantial amounts of that data can often be sensitive information – so unauthorised or illegal access to any of it could have potentially massive consequences.

Many organisations now see cyber security as THE main priority for their business but despite more recent (and huge) investment in security controls, cyber attacks keep happening.

And as the sophistication and complexity of cyber attacks continues to grow, we need to remain vigilant at protecting against illegal access to the vast amounts of personal information we store on our devices and online; the need to protect our systems and our data from attack has never been more crucial. 

We can help to give your people the skills necessary to detect, deal with and minimise the risk of cyber attack and our programmes are relevant to all businesses – regardless of type, size or sector. 

As standard (along with our super-duper goodies), our programs offer – 

We encourage and include project work so that learning can be directly transferred into the workplace, while feedback and support is delivered in real time. We strongly promote this type of approach because as we know how well it works in terms of helping to embed learning more relevantly and more immediately. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.